Victorian Ghost Mothers

So, I’m planning a minor redesign to make the news column more prominent and to make it a bit more bloggy – I haven’t been able to produce the features, currently seen at left, at quite the rate I’d like to, and there’s plenty going on in photography in the meantime that I’d like to, in some small way address.  I feel that a redesigned news column would go a little ways to that.

So, in the run up to that redesign, I’ll be trying to get back up to speed with various little posts.  This is the first of them.

It’s really just to highlight this little gallery of Victorian ghost mothers, caused by the long exposures necessary at the time these images were taken.  If you wanted an infant to sit relatively still, you frequently had to be right next to the creature.  And so mothers went to complicated lengths to hide themselves in plain view to have a child’s picture taken.  Certainly worth a look.  [Via The Gallery of Ridiculously Interesting Things]